Commercial Stucco Repair and Paint

Stucco is a commonly used building material for homes and commercial properties. It is a cement-based coating used in both interior and exterior walls, but it is especially popular for the latter. 

Due to its texture, stucco adds protection and appeal to your residential or commercial building in San Ramon, CA. Stucco is an economical finish that makes exterior walls look luxurious. In addition to its aesthetic appeal and cost-effectiveness, stucco provides other advantages such as noise and fire resistance.

But like any finish, stucco can be prone to damage. Extreme changes in temperature and weather, natural phenomena like earthquakes, or improper composition and installation can contribute to stucco damage. Stucco’s porosity makes it especially vulnerable to moisture, which can lead to various problems. 

Despite stucco’s woes, it is a breathable surface that allows moisture to pass through or evaporate from behind, which prevents the stucco from mold and rot. Waterproofing a stucco finish requires a multi-step process that will provide resistance to outside moisture while still allowing the water from behind to escape.

If your commercial building is sided with stucco and you are looking for stucco repair and paint, Custom Painting, Inc. will transform and protect your commercial building’s stucco surface with their exceptional painting services. Our experienced crew are some of the best painters in San Ramon, CA who provide quality yet affordable solutions that can be comparable to the benefits of stucco installation.

The importance of stucco in commercial buildings

The significance of stucco in a commercial building

Many companies choose stucco to complete the exterior or interior surface of their commercial buildings. And for good reasons!

  • Aesthetics – Stucco provides a visually appealing texture that adds character and charm to commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Insulation – Stucco provides an energy-efficient finish to exterior surfaces as it provides excellent insulation properties that help regulate temperature. This means you’ll enjoy savings on heating and cooling your commercial building throughout the year.
  • Resistance to noise – Stucco insulates against noise much better than other exterior treatment options. Due to its porous texture, stucco absorbs sound waves that prevent them from bouncing off walls and creating echoes, resulting in reduced overall noise in a room
  • Resistance to fire – Stucco has inherent fire-resistant properties, providing an added layer of safety to commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Low maintenance – As long as it is properly applied, stucco provides durability to the surface. Because of that very durability, stucco requires less cleaning and maintenance compared to other exterior finishes. 
  • Versatility – Stucco can be applied over any surface, including masonry, concrete walls, brick, and even wood.

Common stucco issues and solutions

You may have identified any of the stucco issues below. Fortunately, there is a solution to each of these issues.

  • Fading and discoloration – Stucco walls fade mostly due to age or water stains. Clean and wash your stucco surfaces, do the necessary fixes on surface flaws, and prime or seal the surface before painting it.
  • Mold and mildew – Stucco is a very porous material, so it tends to absorb a lot of moisture. This leads to various problems like mold and mildew, which thrive in damp environments. Proper flashing, waterproofing, weatherproofing, and painting are essential to eliminate moisture penetration problems.
  • Cracks – To prevent stucco from cracking in the first place, make sure that the composition and application of stucco to walls is done correctly. But if minor cracks occur, apply masonry caulk. If there are bigger and deeper cracks on your stucco walls, replacement is the best solution.

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Our repair process

Custom Painting, Inc. follows this approach of making a stucco repair that lasts:

  • Assessment – Our crew assesses the condition of your building’s stucco surface by identifying portions of discoloration, wear and tear, etc. to determine the proper repairs, preparation, and paint steps.
  • Preparation – Our crew prepares the area by covering lawns, bushes, flower beds, deck floors, etc. to protect them from paint and debris. If possible, we also remove the outdoor furniture.
  • Repair work – Repairing stucco comes in two options, depending on the extent of the damage:
    • Stucco repair for cracks, holes, and other types of damage – Fill the cracks and holes of varying sizes and degrees with masonry caulk or stucco compound.
    • Stucco restoration and refurbishment – Restore and refurbish severely damaged stucco, which includes stucco replacement.
  • Quality check – Our crew conducts an inspection and final walkthrough to make sure that the repairs are properly completed to our customers’ satisfaction

Why choose our services?

Whatever issues your stucco walls have, Custom Painting, Inc. will come up with cost-effective but quality solutions to keep your stucco walls protected from the elements and looking great for years to come.

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