Trust Custom Painting, Inc. for Exterior House Painting in San Ramon

Let’s face it – exterior house painting in San Ramon is a strenuous and complicated job. Even if you’re an experienced DIY home painter or handyperson, exterior painting has challenges. They include going up and down the ladder or scaffolding, staying long hours under the sun, and the prep and repair work that may be more time-consuming than the paint job itself.

Depending on the type of siding (wood, stucco, masonry, Hardie board, etc.) and the period since your house was last painted, the prep work and repairs may take up around 85% of the project time.

If you skip the steps of prep and repair work, it could compromise your exterior paint job. It could actually shorten the lifespan of your new paint job, costing you more time, money, and materials in the long run.

More often than not, these challenges are best left to the pros. If you believe you can save some money by doing the job yourself, think of how much you can save more money and your sanity by hiring a professional paint contractor, such as Custom Painting, Inc., to update your home’s exterior.


Reasons to hire Custom Painting, Inc. as your project partner

In addition to sitting back and relaxing while letting the pros at Custom Painting, Inc. do the work, here are a few more benefits you’ll enjoy when you hire us:


You can tell the difference when a paint job is done by someone inexperienced to another paint job done by a professional paint contractor. The pros have spent years honing and mastering their craft. Due to years of experience, they’ve become highly skilled in their job, and it shows in the finished product.

As a professional paint contractor, Custom Painting, Inc. has handled virtually every type of paint job. We’ve also encountered the most common and some of the most challenging issues arising from their line of work. As you can see, we will bring an immense amount of value to the table, and our experience alone makes us worthy of hiring.

Prep and repair take more time and effort

Many DIY home painters are excited to hold the paintbrush right away and skip the tedious prep work. Still, you need to clean the surface, patch any cracks and holes, sand the surface, and prime it if required. If the surface is not cleaned and repaired, it could derail your paint job. But if you don’t want to bother with prep work – which can take the bulk of your project – why don’t you let a professional do it for you?

Custom Painting, Inc. knows how essential prep work is for a successful paint job. Equipped with experience, skills, and the best tools, we will take the necessary time to clean and prep your home’s exterior surface so that your beautiful new shades of green will adhere well and hold up under wear and tear. Plus, we don’t just complete the prep work – we clean up afterward, so that’s another benefit!

Exterior paint color expertise

Adding to the challenges of exterior painting is the choice of colors, a task that’s more daunting than it looks. When you’ve decided on your favorite color, you may risk choosing the wrong hues for your home. Perhaps you don’t realize that the color you fell in love with will make your home look an eyesore to your neighborhood. It’s better to have a professional opinion first so that it can minimize the risk of selecting the wrong color. Otherwise, you’ll be only wasting your money.

With years of experience in their trade, Custom Painting, Inc. is well-versed in every paint color and shade. We can offer you tips on the best colors according to your home’s architectural style, your home surroundings, your preferences, and your lifestyle. If you have a preferred scheme in mind or want to go for an entirely new color palette, we know how to help you choose complementary colors instead of clashing colors.

The right tools and equipment

You might have used the wrong brushes or rollers if you painted your home before. Custom Painting, Inc. has all the right tools for the job and knows how to use each one. For example, we use a specific paintbrush or roller depending on whether we’re working on latex or oil-based paint. We also use quality drop cloths and painter’s tapes to protect other surfaces from dripping paint.

Another plus of hiring us is that we own the tools and equipment, meaning you don’t have to invest in professional tools that you’ll only use once in a while.

License and insurance

We’ve all heard tales of contractors damaging a home or getting themselves physically hurt while on the job. Stuff like that happens. What should not happen is for the homeowner to lose sleep over worrying that the job was not done right or even a potential lawsuit because the painter got injured by tripping on the stairs.

When you work with the pros like Custom Painting, Inc., you can rest easy.

Custom Painting, Inc. carries a valid license and liability insurance. We have established that we have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide quality work with such features. With our license, you can expect an above-standard type of workmanship from us. Our liability insurance will cover any costs associated with hazards, injuries, or other safety incidents that occur in your home while the work is still in progress.


Any reputable paint contractor will provide a warranty to cover your exterior painting project. Custom Painting, Inc. offers a five-year warranty – entirely in writing – that covers both labor and materials. With our warranty, you can trust us to stand by any and every work.

Ready to trust your exterior house painting in San Ramon project to Custom Painting, Inc.? We would love to partner with you. Contact us today for a free quote and to schedule your next paint project.