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The Best Type of Paint When Hiring Commercial Painters in Union City

Experienced commercial painters in Union City have been educated and trained about the different kinds of paints and other finishes. They know which types of paints are the best to use for certain surfaces and areas. This is one of the advantages of hiring professional painters overdoing the paint job by yourself – you trust that their experience and expertise will deliver results that you desire.

While constancy and stability are some of the indications of a good business, sometimes a change is good in order to maintain long-time customers and attract newer ones. Especially when it comes to the physical aspect of an establishment, whether big or small, a refreshing change is always welcome. It can be done by re-designing offices or simply switching to new paint colors. And because a change in business always demands perfection in execution, hiring professional painters is always the best move.

Pro commercial painters in Union City, or the best commercial painters in Fremont or other cities, know which colors and finishes will look best for your commercial establishments.


While you can count in your personal preference in choosing paint colors, asking for professional opinion and guidance is always a good idea. You want to give your business an edge over your competitors, and one of the ways to do that is to make it more physically attractive and pleasing to your customers. Also, an attractive-looking establishment will help in boosting productivity and sales.

Every business has an office which lies the heart of the operations. Giving your office space a new and refreshed look will be beneficial to your employees. As color significantly influences human behavior and emotions, understanding the basics of color will help you to choose the right paint colors for your office walls. The best paint colors and shades will help your workers to boost their mood, to improve relations, to enforce their own creativity and to become more productive.

Do you own a store, a retail shop or a food and service business? Do you operate a big firm? Are you involved in real estate? If you need to do a color switch to make your business more attractive and boost production, here are some of our color suggestions


Red incites passion, excitement and a sense of urgency. This color increases the heart rate and arouses the appetite. Most restaurants and fast food chains often use this color. A lot of outlet malls and clearance stores use red to pull in customers to buy their sale items. As for its use in the workspace, red is the best color in areas that require physical exertion.


Blue is considered an intellectual color. It evokes a sense of trust, logic, communication, security, and efficiency. This is best used in office departments that require intense focus and mental concentration. A lot of banks and department stores use several shades of this color. Blue also promotes relaxation and tranquility (as it reminds you of a blue sky or a deep blue sea) that’s why it’s often the color of choice of a lot of spas and wellness centers.


Green is a combination of both warm and cool colors. It represents nature, balance, harmony, and restoration.  Since green is considered the easiest color on the eyes, it is often used in a lot of office departments which require employees to work long hours or in varying shifts. This color is also associated with money, wealth, good fortune and good business deals, that’s why a lot of shops use varying shades of green.


Yellow represents optimism, energy, confidence, and creativity. Using the right shades of yellow will encourage happiness, good mood, and positivity among your colleagues. Restaurants and fast food chains often use yellow to arouse appetite. A lot of shops and retail stores use yellow to grab attention from shoppers.


Although some people consider orange as an aggressive color, shop owners use that very aggressiveness of orange to call potential customers to action. Orange is an eye-popping color that is vibrant and energetic, but that should be best used as an accent wall color for the office.


The word “finish” refers to the paint’s glossiness and durability. The glossier a paint finish has, the more durable it is.

Flat or matte

flat paints have zero gloss. This is great for covering flaws, but its biggest fault is that it is the most difficult to clean. This finish is ideal for painting board rooms or an executive’s office.


This type of finish gives off a hint of gloss and just a minimal amount of reflection. Compared to flat paint, eggshell is more durable, but it is not as durable as semi-gloss and glossy paints. While it’s not a good choice for covering surface flaws, an eggshell paint is otherwise easy to clean. You can use eggshell in areas that receive a fair amount of traffic such as waiting rooms and lobbies.


Satin has a significant gloss and offers a fair amount of reflection. Like many glossy paints, satin is poor in hiding surface flaws but is excellent for cleaning and brushing. Satin can be used in areas with higher traffic like restaurants, kitchens, public restrooms, and lobbies.


Semi-gloss paints emit a higher amount of gloss and stronger reflective qualities compared to eggshell and satin. They are often used for parts and accessories like doors, trims, columns, banisters, staircases and built-in cabinets. They can also be used on accent walls for a dramatic effect, or areas that experience high traffic like kitchens, bathrooms, washrooms, public restrooms, etc.


Glossy paints have the highest amount of sheen and reflection and are also the most durable. Their shiny finish resembles that of enamel or glossy plastic. It is normally used for parts and accents such as front doors, garage doors, trims, sidings, and some built-in furniture. While glossy paints are not a popular option for covering walls, they can be used for high-traffic areas that experience moisture, humidity, dirt, soot, grease, and impact such as kitchens and bathrooms. When used properly for bigger walls, glossy paints can add a hint of elegance and drama to your business space.

Choosing the right paint colors and finishes is the key to a successful painting job. The best commercial painters in Union City will be your most able partner in making your commercial space in its best, and this will boost your business.

What Do Commercial Painters Near Me Do?

It’s only natural to hear customers asking things such as, “What do commercial painters near me do?” They need to know what painting service companies exactly do and what kind of services do they offer.

People tend to think that commercial painters and residential painters may appear very similar. But do a bit more research and you will find out that commercial painters offer a significant number of other services that you cannot find on residential painters.

What can both residential and commercial painters both have in common are the basic steps: cleaning and de-cluttering, prepping and repairing, painting and cleaning up. Depending on the condition of the surface, painters would opt to apply primer to help the topcoat bind better to the surface, to block out stains, to prevent moisture and molds and mildew, etc.

Other than that, the jobs between residential and commercial painters differ a great deal, in many levels. The job of residential painters mostly concerns with painting houses and other living spaces. Commercial painters, on the other hand, deal more with painting business establishments. It means that residential painters usually work on materials that are usually built for homes such as wood, some types of metals and siding. Commercial painters, on the other hand, work on a wider range of materials: wood, cement, brick, concrete, stucco, reinforced plastic, steel, and many others.

Residential painters mostly work on smaller structures – they can be just one room or area, or the entire house. Commercial painters, on the other hand, work on establishments that range in sizes — a coffee house, a retail store, a sprawling shopping complex or a high-rise condominium building – any building that is considered high-traffic.

Commercial painters may use different types of paints and related products for a variety of surfaces – they may be formulated to withstand many factors such as heat, moisture and pollution by the best exterior painting in Walnut Creek companies and those in the surrounding areas.

Painting an area needs careful planning to carry out the job well and smoothly. But in commercial painting, it should require a well-designed, well-thought-out planning, particularly when it comes to dealing with establishments that are still open for business. Workers would usually put up signs such as “CAUTION: WET PAINT” to warn customers from getting smudged with wet paint. In many cases, companies may have to move out temporarily while their actual office is being painted.

Painting the exteriors pose more challenges. Workers may step on scaffoldings or cranes. As part of their safety measure as well, workers are required to wear harnesses to prevent accidental falling. You may sometimes see safety nets down below to protect the crew from accidentally falling straight to the ground and protect the passers-by down below from being hit by the falling debris.

Residential painters usually work within the 5-day week, from Monday to Friday. Commercial painters, on the other hand, are required to work on tighter schedules. The project may take several days or even weeks depending on the scope of the project. It’s not unusual to see commercial painters working at night shifts, or on weekends.

Commercial painters may also have a different approach when it comes to preparing the surface. Aside from the usual washing, scrubbing and dusting, commercial painters may also use other methods such as abrasive blasting (which can be wet or dry, or both) to prepare the surfaces for painting.

Many commercial painters have also adopted a special technique for painting surfaces called “powder coating.” It consists of dry paint that is typically cured by heat, producing a strong and high-quality finish. It is also environmentally friendly as it doesn’t produce VOC emissions, which are harmful.

When it comes to commercial painting, there is no room for mistakes, and no chance for cutting corners. Clients who are looking for commercial painters should make sure that the workers are highly trained, licensed, insured and bonded.

“Do commercial painters near me follow industry safety practices?” That’s an all-important question. There’s no taking chances when it comes to safety – clients should check that the commercial painting company they’re considering should rigorously follow industry safety and environmental standards and use appropriate safety gears to prevent accidents on the site. While you’re at it, you should also ask painters for any proof or certification that they have passed the safety and environmental requirements.

How to Choose Among the Commercial Painters in Hayward

Many people are so preoccupied with their managing their own business or attending to some business problems or matters. It’s a good thing that there are commercial painters in Hayward and nearby areas that they can hire in case they need to renovate their establishments or simply do simple re-painting.

In these fast-changing trends, it is important for a business to be updated not just on their business model. They also need to update their business space – whether they want it to look and feel more clean and crisp, sleek and modern, or relaxing and comfortable – to attract more customers or investors. Just a simple re-painting will add a refreshed and invigorating look to your space.

While the best commercial painters in Lathrop and Hayward can be found easily nowadays – they may be working next to your store – hiring the right one is otherwise a different tale. Choosing the right contractor can be quite a difficult (and even frustrating) process – if you are not able to hire the contractor who has exactly met your requirements and preferences, you may have to start searching all over again.

Don’t be fooled by contractors who offer an incredibly lower rate than other commercial painters. The ones with lower rates may only want to clinch your job (and your money) and may not deliver the kind of service that you expect.

That’s why a thorough background check is important to figure out if contractors really mean what they advertise. Checking out and studying what kind of services they offer, their portfolio, customer testimonials, etc., are only good ways to start. If you want a more genuine feedback about a contractor’s performance, approach other commercial space owners or managers and ask them about a particular contractor they’ve hired – what kind of paint or tools did they use, how punctual and professional were they, what things were included in their contract and warranty, etc. If they sound satisfied about the contractors they’ve worked with in the past, they may recommend them to you and provide you their contact details. They may even invite you over to their establishment to check out the work provided by their contractors. Happy clients may mean that this certain contractor is almost a shoo-in for your job.

Naturally, many businesses prefer contractors with a wealth of experience, especially in painting sprawling or high-rise complexes. If you want to close your commercial establishment temporarily to give way for the full re-painting job, it’s better to hire painters who do both interior and exterior painting. The larger their workforce, the faster the job will be.

See if they have other credentials like a license, a worker’s compensation insurance or a bond. All these three things are the hallmarks of a legitimate contractor and will protect you from fraud.

Like homeowners, business owners should invite at least three contractors in order for you to get to know them better and to allow them to do inspections on the interior and exterior areas. After that, they will provide you a rough estimate. Get this hint: a contractor who spends more time inspecting is more likely to give you a more honest estimate.

When you have chosen a contractor, you will be given a contract which includes what the contractors do, the paint and materials they use, and their timeframe. Don’t just sign the contract – read it first and thoroughly; ask questions if there is something in the contract that needs to be cleared out.

Warranties from commercial painters may also be more or less the same to warranties of residential painters. Always ask for a written warranty of their work so that you will have an idea regarding what the contractors should cover and what they shouldn’t. Usual surface problems like peeling or fading paint that happen too soon after the work has been done, are usually are their own labor defects and thus the contractors will repair them at little or no cost. Typical warranties last up to three years. Do not be tempted to hire contractors who offer longer (and even lifetime) warranties – they are usually marketing gimmicks trying to get your job.

Choosing among commercial painters in Hayward may be a long and difficult process, but you know that you aim nothing than a perfect new look for your business or commercial establishment. When you hire the right person or company for the job, you’ll know that they’re all worth the trouble.