Is It Possible to Paint a Restaurant While It’s Open?

Commercial painters in the Bay Area know that any paint project can be a stressful and demanding experience. No matter how big or small your business is, without meticulous planning, the project costs could build up quickly and start eating into your profits.

There are businesses that require extra care and attention, especially service-based businesses like restaurants. Quality food and menu alone won’t be enough to get people to come to your restaurant, have a satisfying meal, leave a positive review, and come back again. 

Appearances are as important as food and service.

The look and ambiance of your restaurant are crucial to its success as they reflect the quality of food and service you offer to your customers. They will hesitate to dine at your restaurant if the storefront looks outdated due to fading, cracked, or peeling paint. People have the tendency to make quick assumptions about a place based on their first impressions. When the place looks lousy, people would assume that the food and service are likely to be lousy, too.

Your business doesn’t have to suffer that way if you update your commercial property regularly with the necessary repairs and a fresh coat of paint. However, you may have to close your restaurant temporarily to give way to repairs and repainting. But what if you decide to stay open during a renovation project? Is that option possible?

Your restaurant may (or may not) remain open during a repainting project

Before launching your painting and renovation project, you will need to do some research to ensure that your restaurant will continue its operations while the renovation takes place. 

You may also have to seek approval from your local government. If you’re legally allowed to stay open during the renovation, then you will have to make the necessary adjustments to ensure minimal disruptions to your restaurant’s day-to-day operations.

However, it’s also possible that your restaurant won’t be able to stay open during a painting project. It’s reasonable as your establishment should stay within health and safety codes. 

You will have to consider the size of your restaurant to make sure that it has enough space to safely work in.

The kitchen should be under inspection, too. Commercial kitchens are usually enclosed spaces with a ventilation system that consists of exhaust hoods, vent fans, and HVACs, to name a few. Depending on the space, some commercial kitchens may have windows, and others may not. 

Inspections are recommended to make sure that the kitchen and dining area have sufficient space and ventilation during a paint project. If the restaurant is allowed to operate during a paint job, a working ventilation system and open windows are necessary to minimize health risks. You would not want your diners and staff to inhale paint fumes and sanding dust while the renovation is taking place. You also have to take extra care in handling, preparing, and serving food so that it won’t be contaminated while your restaurant is under renovation. 

In addition to the application of paints, there’s other work to be done – preparing the spaces to be painted, cleaning and repairing surfaces, as well as disposal of debris after painting. The project may take a few days or a week, depending on the size of your restaurant.

With such complex challenges, especially if the project includes interior painting, you may find it better and safer to paint the restaurant when it is temporarily closed and unoccupied. Staying open while an extensive paint job is taking place might not be worth the risk. 

Suppose you must close your restaurant temporarily, whether through city orders or management decisions, you must post a notice beforehand to inform your patrons that your restaurant will be undergoing renovation and thus be closed for a definite period. It may be the best decision, especially if you want to get the paint job done all at once.

Painting the restaurant in sections

 Is It Possible to Paint a Restaurant While It’s Open?

In case your restaurant is allowed to remain open during a renovation project, minimizing downtime is crucial to ensure smooth operations. You want to make sure the commercial painting services you hire will be carried out in a manner that’s convenient for you and protects you from unexpected financial losses.

The best way to go about the project is to paint your restaurant in sections or designated areas where the painting process will take place. After one section or area has been painted, then move on to the next section. In the absence of such a setup, it could lead to chaos. Lack of planning can lead to an unorganized renovation, which in turn will ultimately leave customers stressed and unhappy.

Zero VOC paints are the best option, especially for painting the interiors, as they emit no harmful fumes compared to paints with VOC content. Work with your interior painting in San Ramon, CA contractors to pick the correct types of paints for your restaurant.

Updating your customers and staff about the project

It’s important to keep your customers and staff updated about the renovation progress. It’s much easier to communicate with them now as we have the Internet and social media. However, traditional methods like putting up signs in front of your restaurant are still necessary to let the passersby know that it is still under renovation.

Usually, many customers prefer to wait until the project is done, so a final update is necessary to bring your restaurant back to its usual operations.

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Is It Possible to Paint a Restaurant While It’s Open

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