Painters Can Help Make a Small Bathroom Less Boring

Painters Can Help Make a Small Bathroom Less BoringDecorating a small bathroom comes with its unique set of challenges. It might feel like you’re restricted by space and simplicity. If you have a small bathroom, you have probably painted it solid white too often to give it an illusion of a bigger space. But eventually, you will get tired of the same old look.

Don’t hesitate to ask the pros for ideas on repainting a small space like your bathroom. Here are some tips from expert painters to help you make your small bathroom more vibrant and less boring:

Choose the Right Paint Colors

As we mentioned earlier, many of us have fallen into the trap of painting small bathrooms solid white, hoping to create the illusion of a larger space. While white is indeed a practical choice, it can also make your bathroom feel stark and uninviting after a while. But a whole spectrum of colors can open up your space without sending you back to square one.

Explore neutrals beyond white. Neutrals are safe for small bathrooms, but let’s expand beyond classic white. Soft grays, pale blues, and creamy beiges are excellent alternatives that still keep the room light and airy but add a touch more warmth and personality. These shades are subtle enough to make the room feel larger but provide a bit more character than plain white.

Combine light neutrals. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not mix things up? You could paint the lower half of your walls in a lighter shade, like soft beige, and the upper half in a tranquil pale blue. This technique not only adds visual interest but also helps to heighten the ceilings, making the room feel bigger visually.

Using stripes to enhance space. Another creative approach is using alternating stripes. You might choose two complementary light neutrals and paint them in vertical stripes. This can create a sense of height, drawing the eye upward and expanding the perceived space without overwhelming the senses.

Create a Focal Point with Accent Colors

When you’re working with a limited space, like a small bathroom, creating a focal point can dramatically increase its aesthetic appeal. This doesn’t mean you need to overhaul everything – sometimes, a splash of color is all it takes to transform the space.

Identify the focal point. First, decide what you want the focal point in your bathroom to be. This could be a feature already in the room, such as the vanity, a decorative wall, or even the shower area. Choosing the right spot to emphasize is key to creating an impactful visual statement.

Choose an accent color. Once you’ve identified your focal point, it’s time to choose a bold accent color. If you’re feeling daring, consider a vibrant shade like cobalt blue or emerald green. These colors don’t just add depth; they bring vitality and personality to your bathroom. If you prefer a more subdued elegance, darker neutrals like charcoal or navy can add a touch of sophistication without overwhelming the space.

For instance, painting your vanity a deep, rich brown or a striking black can create an elegant contrast against lighter walls. Alternatively, a bright accent color like fiery red or deep blue on your focal wall can energize the entire room.

Coordinate colors for cohesion. Your accent color must complement the other colors in your bathroom. If you’ve chosen lighter neutrals for the walls, a darker or brighter hue for the focal point will stand out but still harmonize the room. Also, consider extending this color to other small elements, like towels or decor items, to unify the theme.

Using an accent color effectively directs attention and can make your bathroom feel more curated and designed rather than just functional. It’s about finding the right balance that reflects your personal style while enhancing the space’s functionality and appeal. 

Modern small bathroom interior design

Incorporate Artwork and Plants

Transforming a small bathroom into an inviting and vibrant space is not just about choosing the right paint colors—it’s also about adding elements that bring life and character. Artwork and indoor plants can dramatically shift the ambiance, turning your bathroom from a purely functional area into a mini oasis.

Create a mini gallery wall. If your bathroom has a blank wall, consider turning it into a statement piece with some carefully chosen framed artwork. This could be anything from abstract prints that complement your color scheme to serene nature scenes that add a tranquil vibe. Arranging several smaller pieces in a gallery-style format can draw the eye and make even the smallest space feel thoughtfully curated. Remember to use moisture-resistant frames and materials since bathrooms can get steamy!

Add ledge shelves for plants. Indoor plants are not only beautiful, but they also improve air quality—something especially beneficial in a small bathroom. Utilize vertical space by installing a few ledge shelves or racks on the walls to hold potted plants. Choose varieties that thrive in high humidity and lower light, such as ferns, pothos, or philodendrons. These greens will add a touch of nature and help purify the air, making your bathroom feel fresher and more inviting.

Hang plants for extra flair. If shelf space is limited, consider hanging plants from the ceiling or high on the walls. This keeps the floor space clear but adds a lush, vibrant touch overhead. Hanging planters can be effective in corners or over the bathtub, where they can add depth and dimension without taking up valuable counter or floor space.

Art and plants do more than just decorate; they create a sensory experience that can make your daily routines more pleasant and relaxing. 

Upgrade Fixtures and Accessories

Sometimes, the smallest changes impact the most, especially in a small bathroom. 

Replace the medicine cabinet. Many bathrooms feature a standard medicine cabinet that can be quite bland. Consider replacing yours with a showpiece mirror. Not only does a new mirror serve a functional purpose, but it can also act as a central design element, reflecting light and making the space appear larger. Choose a mirror with an interesting frame or shape to add an artistic touch and a bit of luxury.

Update light fixtures. Lighting can dramatically affect the mood of a bathroom. Swapping out old or basic light fixtures for something more contemporary can transform the room’s ambiance. Look for fixtures that complement your new color scheme and aesthetic. Modern options like sleek LED bars or vintage-inspired Edison bulb fixtures can enhance the bathroom’s design while improving lighting quality.

Choose functional yet stylish accessories. Accessorize wisely to maximize space and add charm. For instance, replace a typical towel rack with a chic, modern one, or choose a unique toilet paper holder that doubles as a decorative piece. These small replacements not only serve their purpose but also contribute to the overall style of the bathroom.

Don’t overlook the power of functional beauty. For example, you can upgrade your soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and other countertop accessories to match the new style and unify the space. Opt for materials like brushed metal, glass, or bamboo for a refined look that ties everything together.

beautiful amenity hotel set on white marble counter in bathroom

Selecting Decorative Accessories

Choose the right decorative pieces, not only enhances the visual appeal but also to increase the usability of your space. Here’s how to select accessories that are both beautiful and practical.

Choose functional decor: Start with items that serve a dual purpose. For instance, a rattan basket is perfect for storing towels while adding a natural, warm element to the decor. Similarly, a toilet paper holder with a built-in shelf provides extra space for small items like phones or small plant pots, making it both useful and stylish.

Add color and texture with rugs and curtains. Don’t underestimate the power of a vibrant rug or an artistically patterned shower curtain. These elements can inject color and texture into your bathroom, making it feel cozy and well-decorated. Choose patterns that complement your overall color scheme to maintain harmony, but feel free to play with bold designs that can act as a focal point.

Add an interesting wall décor. Consider adding a framed “Bathroom Rules” print or some whimsical artwork above the toilet or on a spare wall. This fills empty space and adds a touch of personality and humor, making the bathroom more welcoming.

Think vertically: If floor space is at a premium, think vertically. Wall-mounted accessories can save space while enhancing the decor. Simple additions like vertical towel holders or wall-hung decorative baskets for toiletries can make a big difference.

Display a unique mirror. A beautifully framed mirror can do wonders. Apart from making the space appear larger, a unique mirror frame can act as a piece of art in its own right, especially if it features intricate designs or bold colors that tie into your bathroom’s theme.


A bathroom makeover doesn’t need to be a big, expensive project. A little paint, new fixtures, and a few decorative touches can make a big difference. Think of it as a mini-makeover that doesn’t break the bank but still gives your space a new look.

But if you have exciting painting ideas for your small bathroom but don’t have the skill or the patience to deliver them, it’s best to turn to the pros. Custom Painting Inc. can be there for you to transform your small, boring bathroom into an interesting, elegant space. Give us a call at 925-866-9610 or leave us a message to set an appointment.