Tips to Paint Soundproof Drywall

All types of drywall have some soundproofing qualities. However, manufacturers of soundproof drywall made it to absorb external noise traveling through it specifically. It’s thicker than regular drywall and usually has two gypsum layers glued together with a special noise-dampening adhesive. The additional layer of gypsum helps increase the noise-reduction properties of the drywall.

Because soundproof drywall is significantly thicker than standard drywall, it can take more time and effort to install. You will also want someone else to help since it will be heavier than regular drywall and require extra muscle. Some house painting in San Ramon, CA contractors can help you with the installation and painting.

Advantages of soundproof drywall

Advantages of soundproof drywall

Whether you want to avoid noisy neighbors or have received complaints from neighbors about your noise, soundproofing your home seems a good idea. Depending on your circumstances, you can soundproof one room, or several, if needed.

Here are some of the benefits of soundproof drywall:

  • Improved sound quality – If you have a home studio, installing soundproof drywall is necessary. It reduces external noises coming into the room and prevents them from escaping, helping you achieve a cleaner and more accurate sound while recording.
  • Controlled noise in your home – Soundproofing your home can also contribute to your well-being, making your home a more peaceful place. Limiting the noise can help you enjoy your hobbies, such as reading or watching a movie, without having to deal with noise from the house’s other rooms. Soundproofing can also result in better sleep quality.
  • Enhanced concentration and productivity – While trying to do a task that requires concentration, external noises may distract you from what you’re doing. Those noises can be frustrating and counter-productive. They may break your attention to the point you can’t continue. By creating a quiet space through soundproofing, you can focus better on your tasks and, ultimately, become more productive when you have a deadline.
  • Increased property value – With all the benefits of soundproof drywall cited, installing it can also be an intelligent investment. It has the potential to attract future buyers if you have plans to sell your home.

Soundproof drywall versus layers of regular drywall – which is better?

Soundproof drywall versus layers of regular drywall – which is better?

You may also want to soundproof your regular drywall by doubling it up. Of course, adding a second layer of standard drywall would help, but it wouldn’t have the same result as using soundproof drywall. It has the advantage of offering more soundproofing with only a single layer.

The sound transmission class (STC) is a rating given to any surface or building material based on its ability to reduce external noise coming through it. The higher the STC rating, the better soundproofing a surface or material has. Continue reading to learn more about the STC ratings.

Regular drywall has an STC rating of 32. Suppose you use two layers of regular drywall for soundproofing a room. You will then achieve a 64 STC rating. On the other hand, a single layer of standard soundproof drywall can provide you with as much soundproofing with an STC rating of 52.

Soundproofing with regular drywall will also be costlier and more labor-intensive. Installing two layers of standard drywall means you have to modify your electrical outlets and plumbing, use longer nails or screws, and add more weight to the framing. Besides, a double-layer drywall may offer only slightly better soundproofing than a single layer of ready-to-use soundproof drywall. If you’re paying for labor, it will undoubtedly cost you more. Consider all the associated costs before using this method to soundproof a room.

With soundproof drywall, you’ll have enough protection from the noise without the hassles of trying to add layers of drywall to your walls. It is also less costly than installing another layer of regular drywall.

Installing and painting soundproofing drywall

Installing and painting soundproofing drywall

Most soundproof drywall, including the popular QuietRock, is similar to regular drywall. Since it is so similar, you can hang soundproof drywall and paint it as usual.

  1. First, measure your room’s wall space.
  2. Then, transfer that measurement to a sheet of soundproof drywall.
  3. Cut the soundproof drywall sheet to length first before cutting it to width.
  4. Position the backside of the soundproof drywall sheet against the studs.
  5. While holding the sheet up to the studs, ace, drive a nail or screw through the sheet and into the studs. As you continue driving these fasteners through the drywall, do not drive their heads too deeply into the surface. You want to avoid countersinking them.
  6. Continue doing the same process throughout the room. Make sure to position adjacent sheets closely against each other to achieve effective soundproofing.
  7. Apply drywall compound and tape to the joints. Allow the compound to dry completely.
  8. Sand the surface to make it smooth.
  9. Prime and paint.

The advantage of installing soundproof drywall is that it takes around the same amount of time and effort as a single-layer regular drywall to install. But soundproof drywall has additional layers of material, making it a bit heavier. Thus, cutting and installing soundproof drywall may take slightly longer than regular drywall.

Remember that soundproof drywall is significantly more expensive than a single layer of traditional drywall. But the 52 STC rating in a single sheet is enough to keep out unwanted noise, so that it will be worth the expense and effort in installation and painting.


Soundproof drywall is an expensive option to regular drywall. However, it can be the best choice for people concerned about their homes’ sound levels. Whether you want to avoid noisy neighbors or are a noisy homeowner but with a conscience, soundproof drywall seems a great idea.

The expense of soundproof drywall is considerable, yet it has proven effective in dampening noise compared to regular drywall.

Do you need help with soundproof drywall installation and paint? Hire an affordable interior painter near me who also offers drywall installation services. You can enjoy a quiet and peaceful home at the end of your soundproofing journey. Your neighbors will be glad, too.