Best Home Painting Fremont – Ways Homeowners Can Help

Professional painting service contractors may deliver the best home painting in Fremont. You may be excited to wait for a team of professional painters to come to your home to make your house look more beautiful than before.

However, there are some things that you can do to make their job a bit easier when they begin their work in preparation for painting. While it’s obvious that you won’t take part in the painting job itself, you can help them in some other ways, such as preparing your room or the entire house for them.

The following steps may be quite basic, nothing too complicated or technical. However, they take some gargantuan effort to complete these tasks, depending on the scope of the project.

1. Move the furniture to the center of the room

This task is a big one, and some professional paint crews aren’t exactly the best movers. When they have to move couches, chairs, tables and other large pieces of furniture, this is where the issue arises.

When the crew doesn’t want paint to get on the furniture, they will move them when necessary, but at the very least, they will cover them. At the same time, though, they do not want to take any chance of damaging them. So, they’re forced to walk on thin ice, so to speak, when moving any piece of furniture. And moving them painstakingly may take time.

If you have any pieces of furniture in a room that’s going to be painted, push them to the middle of the room. Since these pieces of furniture are your personal property, it’s only you who knows exactly how to move them without causing them any damage.

When the paint crew arrives, they will take the time to do a brief once-over in your room. They want to make sure that all the furniture is completely far enough from the areas to be painted before they proceed to the painting part.

2. Cover any furniture with drop cloths

If you find that some of the furniture pieces are too heavy to move or are bolted to the floor, you can cover them with drop cloths to protect them from paint.

3. Take away fragile and valuable items from the room

If the room has fragile items such as glass vases or ceramic figurines, you will want to remove them as soon as possible. Doing this by yourself allows you to make sure that they won’t be accidentally bumped or dropped. Keep these fragile items safely in cardboard boxes filled with paper or Styrofoam as “cushion” to prevent them from damage. You might as well take away valuable items such as jewelry or documents so that they won’t be lost while moving your furniture.

4. Remove anything and everything off the walls.

Take away framed photographs, artwork, mirrors, wall lamps, and other wall décor and installations. A wall free from any décor and fixtures will save painters the time from having to do this, which will otherwise delay their painting.

5. Clean and repair the walls

You want the walls to become smooth and spotless as possible for the new topcoat. First, clean the surfaces with a simple clean rag. But if the walls are full of visible dirt, you may clean them using plain water and regular detergent. Rinse the walls well. Make sure to let the walls to dry completely before proceeding to the next steps. A surface that’s still wet will result in adhesion problems for the new paint.

Then, check the walls for any damage. If you find any cracks or holes, fill them with a spackling compound to cover the damage. Let the spackling compound dry, then sand off the excess. If you do not want to take the extra work, you can arrange with the professional painters to do the repairs, since a lot of them offer additional services.

6. Clear the space of any clutter

Take away toys, remove mats, carpets or rugs, and wipe off any spills. Removing any clutter will be easier for the painters to move through and will also prevent the risk of accidents.

While preparation may not be enjoyable for every homeowner, it will bring them lots of benefits. The paint crew will be relieved to come to a house that’s well-prepared and ready for painting. It will save them a great deal of time and extra trouble, and they can now focus on the painting and the cleaning-up that follows. They will even thank you for your work that makes their job easier and faster.

Homeowners, especially those who are on a budget, will also benefit from prepping for the best home painting in Fremont as it will save them a lot of money.