House Painting San Ramon – Use These Painting Techniques for Longer Lasting Paint

House Painting San Ramon – Use These Painting Techniques for Longer Lasting PaintNobody wants to have to repeat their house painting in San Ramon within a year or two. People prefer to have their paint job last the ten to twenty years that the paint companies tell you is possible. This is, indeed, possible, but certain requirements need to be met in order for it to happen.

The most important thing to consider is preparation. When you have properly prepared the walls, the paint will stick better and last longer. Preparation includes scraping off any old, peeling paint and smoothing the edges of any remaining paint, to keep the new paint from having areas that pop up too easily. Adding primer before you paint will also form a seal both to the underlying layer and to the new paint, helping it bond more tightly. If your primer is a color similar to your final coat, it is just as good as a first coat, allowing you to save money on paint, as well.

Before you apply the primer, be careful to make sure the wall is clean and dry, and the day is a neutral temperature. Wood is especially temperamental when it comes to weather – both rain and sun – and is best painted on a dry day when it is not too sunny (or if you have shade). Excess humidity will result in paint that does not set, reducing the time your house painting in San Ramon will last. This humidity can be outdoor humidity, or indoor, if the wall is not insulated properly.

Wood can also have a glaze that develops on it during processing. Sand or power wash to remove this “mill glaze” before attempting to prime or paint it. Failing to follow this step means the glaze will hinder the adherence of the paint or primer.

Any damaged areas should be repaired or replaced before painting because the paint will not stick properly to these areas. Damage is also likely to spread if it is not handled quickly.

Ventilation is very important. This is not going to be an issue for exterior house painting in San Ramon, but interior painting is much more prone to poor ventilation. Fans and open windows can help. Proper ventilation will also speed the drying process, helping to form a smooth surface.

Old paint is a bad idea. The longer paint is stored the less quality it is likely to have. Before using paint that has been stored, check its smell, viscosity, and drying time (on a test board or area). If any of these are wrong, dispose of the paint. If the results are appropriate for fresh paint, then it is usable. Keep in mind that colors can be difficult to match, so you should purchase all you need at the same time, if at all possible.

Talking to a professional about your house painting in San Ramon is also often a wise idea. Custom Painting, Inc. has employees willing to answer any questions you have.