Painters Near Me Know These Exterior Painting Tips

Painting the exterior is a practical way to refresh and update the look of your home without costly renovations. It can also be pretty fun and exciting – after all, change is always good. But if you want to get the results that you see from those done by the pros, many painters near me offer some tips to achieve them. Here are some of the following tips:

Invest in top-quality paints and materials.

While it’s true that painting the exterior is usually a cost-effective way to update the appearance of your home, it doesn’t mean that you should buy the cheapest paints and tools around.

Cheap paints and tools may save you money, at least initially. However, their inferior quality would lead the resulting paint job to various surface problems down the road, from fading colors to cracks and peeling. You’ll end up spending money again to correct these flaws.

Allot a minimum budget for top-quality paints, tools, and materials. Good quality paints don’t require as many coats as cheap paints, providing solid coverage. Top-quality brushes, rollers, and roller naps allow you to apply topcoats (final coats of paint) with smoothness, control, and precision. Using better paints and tools provide solid and durable results, thus extending the life of your home’s siding and trim. Not only will you enjoy a long-lasting paint finish, but you will also be able to save hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars from having to paint again.

Painters Near Me Know These Exterior Painting Tips

Don’t skip surface cleaning preparation.

Who knows that your home’s siding has accumulated dust, dirt, cobwebs, and maybe even mold over the years, especially if it’s been a long time since it last saw a paintbrush?

While you’re pretty excited to jump to the painting part, don’t forget to clean and prepare the surfaces before painting. The topcoat won’t stick to the surface well if it’s dirty, has lots of stains, has cracks and fissures, or has mold.

First, wash your home’s exterior before painting. Hand-clean the siding using plain soap and water or a commercial cleaner, which you can apply with a clean sponge. For exteriors that have mold or mildew, use a bleach solution or mildewcide.

If you plan to buy or rent a pressure washer and attempt to do the pressure washing of the siding by yourself, be very careful. Lack of proper control over this equipment can damage the siding and even break windows. Please hire a pro to do the pressure washing.

After washing and rinsing the surface, let it dry. Once dry, remove loose, flaking paint using a handheld scraper (you can also use a hot-air gun or infrared paint stripper). Afterward, sand the rough spots with a pad sander or 80-grit sandpaper to get a smooth surface. For repairing cracks, holes, and fissures – if any – fill them with a patching putty or compound. Allow the putty or compound to dry and sand off the excess to make the surface smooth and even.

Caulk all joints.

Caulking joints give paint jobs a smooth, uniform, and pleasing appearance. But the benefits of caulking go beyond aesthetics. It creates a seal that blocks water penetration and prevents drafts and hot or cold air loss to the outside. It’s best to invest in top-quality siliconized. Polyurethane acrylic caulks have long warranties – some of them can last up to 55 years. The average house requires around seven tubes of caulks, but it depends on the size of your home.

Exterior Painting Tips

Apply primer.

Applying a primer is not necessary, depending on the type or condition of the surface. However, a primer helps the topcoat bind better to the surface, hides stains or flaws, or facilitates the application of new light-colored paint over existing dark paint. Primers usually come in white, gray, or tinted.

If you’re painting over bare wood or surface with existing latex paint, use a latex primer. But if you need to paint over multiple coats of oil-based paint, it’s best to use an oil-based primer.

The best painters in San Ramon, CA are always reliable when you need more helpful exterior painting. They will never even hesitate to share the best secrets for achieving the new look to protect and beautify your home for many years to come.