The Best Type of Paint When Hiring Commercial Painters in Union City

Experienced commercial painters in Union City have been educated and trained about the different kinds of paints and other finishes. They know which types of paints are the best to use for certain surfaces and areas. This is one of the advantages of hiring professional painters overdoing the paint job by yourself – you trust that their experience and expertise will deliver results that you desire.

While constancy and stability are some of the indications of a good business, sometimes a change is good in order to maintain long-time customers and attract newer ones. Especially when it comes to the physical aspect of an establishment, whether big or small, a refreshing change is always welcome. It can be done by re-designing offices or simply switching to new paint colors. And because a change in business always demands perfection in execution, hiring professional painters is always the best move.

Pro commercial painters in Union City, or the best commercial painters in Fremont or other cities, know which colors and finishes will look best for your commercial establishments.


While you can count in your personal preference in choosing paint colors, asking for professional opinion and guidance is always a good idea. You want to give your business an edge over your competitors, and one of the ways to do that is to make it more physically attractive and pleasing to your customers. Also, an attractive-looking establishment will help in boosting productivity and sales.

Every business has an office which lies the heart of the operations. Giving your office space a new and refreshed look will be beneficial to your employees. As color significantly influences human behavior and emotions, understanding the basics of color will help you to choose the right paint colors for your office walls. The best paint colors and shades will help your workers to boost their mood, to improve relations, to enforce their own creativity and to become more productive.

Do you own a store, a retail shop or a food and service business? Do you operate a big firm? Are you involved in real estate? If you need to do a color switch to make your business more attractive and boost production, here are some of our color suggestions


Red incites passion, excitement and a sense of urgency. This color increases the heart rate and arouses the appetite. Most restaurants and fast food chains often use this color. A lot of outlet malls and clearance stores use red to pull in customers to buy their sale items. As for its use in the workspace, red is the best color in areas that require physical exertion.


Blue is considered an intellectual color. It evokes a sense of trust, logic, communication, security, and efficiency. This is best used in office departments that require intense focus and mental concentration. A lot of banks and department stores use several shades of this color. Blue also promotes relaxation and tranquility (as it reminds you of a blue sky or a deep blue sea) that’s why it’s often the color of choice of a lot of spas and wellness centers.


Green is a combination of both warm and cool colors. It represents nature, balance, harmony, and restoration.  Since green is considered the easiest color on the eyes, it is often used in a lot of office departments which require employees to work long hours or in varying shifts. This color is also associated with money, wealth, good fortune and good business deals, that’s why a lot of shops use varying shades of green.


Yellow represents optimism, energy, confidence, and creativity. Using the right shades of yellow will encourage happiness, good mood, and positivity among your colleagues. Restaurants and fast food chains often use yellow to arouse appetite. A lot of shops and retail stores use yellow to grab attention from shoppers.


Although some people consider orange as an aggressive color, shop owners use that very aggressiveness of orange to call potential customers to action. Orange is an eye-popping color that is vibrant and energetic, but that should be best used as an accent wall color for the office.


The word “finish” refers to the paint’s glossiness and durability. The glossier a paint finish has, the more durable it is.

Flat or matte

flat paints have zero gloss. This is great for covering flaws, but its biggest fault is that it is the most difficult to clean. This finish is ideal for painting board rooms or an executive’s office.


This type of finish gives off a hint of gloss and just a minimal amount of reflection. Compared to flat paint, eggshell is more durable, but it is not as durable as semi-gloss and glossy paints. While it’s not a good choice for covering surface flaws, an eggshell paint is otherwise easy to clean. You can use eggshell in areas that receive a fair amount of traffic such as waiting rooms and lobbies.


Satin has a significant gloss and offers a fair amount of reflection. Like many glossy paints, satin is poor in hiding surface flaws but is excellent for cleaning and brushing. Satin can be used in areas with higher traffic like restaurants, kitchens, public restrooms, and lobbies.


Semi-gloss paints emit a higher amount of gloss and stronger reflective qualities compared to eggshell and satin. They are often used for parts and accessories like doors, trims, columns, banisters, staircases and built-in cabinets. They can also be used on accent walls for a dramatic effect, or areas that experience high traffic like kitchens, bathrooms, washrooms, public restrooms, etc.


Glossy paints have the highest amount of sheen and reflection and are also the most durable. Their shiny finish resembles that of enamel or glossy plastic. It is normally used for parts and accents such as front doors, garage doors, trims, sidings, and some built-in furniture. While glossy paints are not a popular option for covering walls, they can be used for high-traffic areas that experience moisture, humidity, dirt, soot, grease, and impact such as kitchens and bathrooms. When used properly for bigger walls, glossy paints can add a hint of elegance and drama to your business space.

Choosing the right paint colors and finishes is the key to a successful painting job. The best commercial painters in Union City will be your most able partner in making your commercial space in its best, and this will boost your business.