Historic Sites of San Ramon You’ll Want to See

Historic Sites of San Ramon You'll Want to SeeSan Ramon Valley is a great place to spend the getaway from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco, which is just a few miles away.

One of San Ramon Valley’s municipalities, also named San Ramon, is a prosperous and progressive city. It is the home of the headquarters of several big companies: Chevron Corporation, 24-Hour Fitness, and the West Coast divisions of GE Digital and AT&T. Despite San Ramon’s prosperity, its local government and citizens make sure that their commitment to preserve the city’s own natural beauty and history remains unwavering.

Another municipality in the San Ramon Valley, Danville, is a small, charming town. It is usually referred to as the “Heart of the San Ramon Valley” and has a thriving arts and culture scene. Another thing that Danville prides on is its reputation as “the safest town in California”

The people in the San Ramon Valley values their history, culture, and heritage because they’re treasures from its forefathers. Happily, many historical sites remain and have been preserved so that they can be appreciated by today’s generation of visitors and locals.

Here are some of the following historical sites in the city of San Ramon:

1) Museum of the San Ramon Valley

Museum of the San Ramon Valley might probably be every visitor’s first stop when they want to learn the history of the city of San Ramon, from the prehistoric era to the present. The museum is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the city’s history and legacy. It displays collections and permanent exhibits that include artifacts and photographs of the historical buildings. It also sponsors revolving exhibits and guided tours.

The building itself is also historical as it was originally a Southern Pacific Depot, built in 1891.

2) Forest Homes Farms Historic Park

This 16-acre farm in the city of San Ramon was bequeathed by its previous owners, The Boones, to the City of San Ramon, which turned it into a historic park. This park aims to preserve, promote, collect, interpret, and exhibit San Ramon Valley’s agricultural history.

The David Glass House stands on the park’s southern portion. It is a two-story, Victorian-style structure dating back to the mid-19th century

3) Tassajara Schoolhouse

Tassajara School House is one of the earliest schools in the city. Built in 1889, Tassajara Schoolhouse is a one-room schoolhouse located on 1650 Finley Road, Danville. It served its original purpose until it closed in 1946 and was later deeded to the Tassajara Fire District for restoration and general maintenance. It is now a favorite tourist site among families and has also been used for graduations, dances, church services, and fire department board meetings.

4) Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site

Located in Danville, this historical site offers visitors a fascinating look at the life of Eugene O’Neill. The property is the site of the “Tao House,” which is one of the last places O’Neill lived. The house features many Oriental design elements, a manifestation of his and his wife’s passion towards Asian art and décor.

The site is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, U.S. National Historic Landmark, and U.S. National Historic Site. For fans of the only American Nobel Prize-winning playwright in particular, they see this place as some sort of a pilgrimage site.

5) The Alamo Cemetery

For a somewhat different route in your historical tour in the San Ramon Valley, why don’t you try going to the Alamo Cemetery? Located on the boundary of Danville and Alamo, the cemetery was established in the 1850s and is the burial site of many San Ramon Valley pioneers. It holds an importance place in the early history of Danville and Alamo.

These are some of the many other historical sites that you will find in the San Ramon Valley. If you are a fan of history, you will never feel short in your visit here in the region. By learning more about its history, you will gain a better understanding on how San Ramon’s past has shaped (and continues to shape) what it is today and the relationships among people in the valley’s cities and communities.

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