Are There Paints that Will Resist Mold?

Are There Paints that Will Resist MoldDealing with mold in your home can be a real headache. Not only is mold unsightly and smells terrible, but it can also cause health problems and damage to your property. If you live in San Ramon, you might be all too familiar with the challenges of keeping mold at bay, especially in areas with high humidity, like bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

If you’re asking if there are paints that can resist mold, fortunately, there are many. These special paints are designed to prevent mold growth on your walls and ceilings, offering a protective layer to your walls.

What are Mold-Resistant Paints?

Mold-resistant paints are specially formulated to help prevent mold growth on painted surfaces. But how exactly do they work, and what makes them different from regular paints?

These paints contain antimicrobial agents that inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. These agents are mixed into the paint, creating a protective barrier on the painted surface. When mold spores land on this surface, the antimicrobial agents stop them from growing and spreading.

Here are some of the key ingredients that make mold-resistant paints effective:

  • Antimicrobial Agents: These are chemicals specifically designed to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms, including mold and mildew.
  • Mildewcides and Fungicides: These ingredients target mold and mildew, preventing them from taking hold and spreading on your walls.
  • Water-Repellent Compounds: Some mold-resistant paints also include water-repellent compounds that help keep surfaces dry. Since mold thrives in moist environments, keeping surfaces dry is key to mold prevention.

Mold-resistant paints are particularly useful in areas of your home that are prone to moisture. Here are some common places where you might want to use these paints:

  • Bathrooms: High humidity and frequent water exposure make bathrooms a prime spot for mold growth.
  • Kitchens: Steam from cooking can create a moist environment that encourages mold.
  • Basements: Basements often have higher humidity levels and are more likely to experience dampness.
  • Laundry Rooms: These rooms can also be humid due to the use of washers and dryers.

By using mold-resistant paints in these areas, you can help keep mold at bay and maintain a cleaner, healthier home environment.

Mold in the corner of the plastic windows

Benefits of Mold-Resistant Paints

Using mold-resistant paints offers several benefits:

  1. It helps create a healthier home environment. Mold can cause health issues, including allergies and respiratory problems. By preventing mold growth, these paints contribute to a healthier living space.
  2. It offers long-lasting protection. Mold-resistant paints provide durable protection that lasts for years, reducing the need for frequent repaints.
  3. It’s easier to maintain. Walls painted with mold-resistant paints are easier to clean and maintain. The protective barrier makes it harder for mold to grow, so you spend less time scrubbing away stains.
  4. It can help keep the walls pristine. Mold can cause unsightly stains and damage to your walls. Mold-resistant paints keep your home looking fresh and clean, preserving the beauty of your interior spaces.


Top Mold-Resistant Paint Brands

When it comes to choosing mold-resistant paints, several brands stand out for their quality and effectiveness. Here are some of the top mold-resistant paint brands that you can consider for your home:

1. Zinsser Perma-White Mold & Mildew-Proof Interior Paint


  • Antimicrobial protection that prevents mold and mildew growth.
  • Self-priming, which means you don’t need to apply a separate primer.
  • Available in various finishes like satin, semi-gloss, and eggshell.


  • Provides long-lasting mold and mildew protection.
  • Easy to apply and clean up with soap and water.
  • It has a low odor, making it ideal for indoor use.


  • Limited color options compared to some other brands.
  • Slightly higher cost per gallon.

2. Kilz Interior/Exterior Basement and Masonry Waterproofing Paint


  • Formulated to prevent water penetration, which helps prevent mold growth.
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces.
  • It can be tinted to a range of colors.


  • Excellent for use in damp areas like basements and garages.
  • Provides a waterproof barrier that protects against moisture.
  • Easy to apply with a brush, roller, or sprayer.


  • It requires a minimum of two coats for the best results.
  • Thicker consistency can make application a bit more challenging.

3. BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Pure White


  • Includes an antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Paint and primer in one, which saves time and effort.
  • It has low VOC and low odor, making it environmentally friendly.


  • Wide range of colors available.
  • Durable and washable finish that withstands scrubbing.
  • Good coverage and easy application.


  • Slightly more expensive than some other brands.
  • It may require multiple coats for darker colors.

4. Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa


  • Specially formulated for high-humidity environments like bathrooms and spas.
  • Mildew-resistant and provides a smooth, beautiful finish.
  • Low VOC and low odor are better for indoor air quality.


  • Excellent moisture resistance.
  • Wide range of color choices.
  • High durability and easy to clean.


  • Higher price point compared to other options.
  • Requires careful application to avoid streaks.

5. Sherwin-Williams Duration Home Interior Acrylic Latex


  • Contains antimicrobial agents that prevent the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Designed for high-traffic areas and high-humidity environments.
  • Available in various finishes, including matte, satin, and semi-gloss.


  • Highly durable and washable, it is perfect for busy households.
  • Good coverage and smooth application.
  • Resistant to stains and fading.


  • Premium pricing.
  • It may require multiple coats for full coverage.

Priming the wall with a paint roller. Copy space. Roller with primer. the roller is wetted in a liquid primer in a plastic black container, before painting the walls with paint

Mold-Resistant Paints for Interior Surfaces

Inside your home, mold-resistant paints can make a significant difference, especially in rooms prone to moisture, like bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. These paints not only prevent mold growth but also prevent paints from peeling and bubbling.

Recommended Products

  • Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa: Ideal for high-humidity areas, this paint provides excellent mold resistance and a smooth, beautiful finish.
  • Sherwin-Williams Duration Home Interior Acrylic Latex: Known for its durability and washability, this paint is perfect for busy households.
  • BEHR Premium Plus Interior Paint: Combines paint and primer in one, offering strong mold resistance and a wide range of colors.
  • Rust-Oleum Zinsser Perma-White Mold & Mildew-Proof Interior Paint: Contains antimicrobial agents that prevent mold and mildew growth, providing long-lasting protection.
  • Valspar Reserve Interior Paint: Offers superior mold and mildew resistance along with exceptional coverage and durability.

Mold-Resistant Paints for Exterior Surfaces

Like their regular counterparts, mold-killing exterior paints must withstand harsh environmental conditions. Most of all, they must have antimicrobial properties that effectively resist the growth of mold, even in damp or humid conditions.  

Recommended Products

  • Zinsser Perma-White Exterior Paint: Durable and mold-resistant, it is a great choice for any exterior surface.
  • Kilz Exterior Waterproofing Paint offers excellent protection against moisture and mold, making it ideal for basements, foundations, and other damp areas.
  • BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Exterior Paint: Combines paint and primer in one, providing robust mold resistance and a variety of color options.
  • Rust-Oleum Zinsser Mold Killing Primer: Specifically formulated to kill existing mold and mildew, this primer also prevents future growth.
  • Valspar Duramax Exterior Paint: Offers excellent resistance to mold and mildew, along with superior weather protection and durability.


Mold-resistant paints can help you protect your home from the dangerous effects of mold in the house.  Whether you’re dealing with a damp basement, a steamy bathroom, or any other moisture-prone area, mold-resistant paints can make a big difference. They help prevent mold growth and offer long-lasting protection, making maintenance easier.

Professional house painting contractors are experienced with different types, finishes, and brands of paint. For the best results, consider hiring professional painting services to ensure the job is done right. Custom Painting Inc. offers expert services that can help you achieve a flawless finish with mold-resistant paints. Their experienced team knows exactly how to prepare surfaces, apply the paints, and provide advice on the best products for your specific needs.

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